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Scottish-based Panamint Cinema, founded in 2001, is one of Britain’s longest standing producers of rare, classic feature films and documentaries, commissioning high definition transfers from the best available materials for release on Blu-ray and DVD.


Panamint Cinema 2 DVDs 20 or 2 Blu-rays for 25 sale
Best Sellers
Laxdale Hall DVD

Laxdale Hall DVD£12.99

The Cheviot the Stag and the Black Black Oil DVD

The Cheviot the Stag and the Black Black Oil DVD£12.99

The Crown of the Year DVD

The Crown of the Year DVD£12.99

The Brave Don't Cry DVD

The Brave Don't Cry DVD£12.99

Drifters & Caller Herrin' DVD

Drifters & Caller Herrin' DVD£12.99

The Vital Spark DVD

The Vital Spark DVD£12.99

Abilene Town Blu-ray

Abilene Town Blu-ray£14.99

Battle for Music Blu-ray

Battle for Music Blu-ray£14.99

Battle for Music DVD

Battle for Music DVD£12.99

Faces of Scotland DVD

Faces of Scotland DVD£12.99