About Blu-ray & DVD

Blu-ray discs are identical in size to DVDs, but can store much more information so they are used to deliver high definition video and audio. The "Blu" refers to the violet wavelength of the laser used to read from the disc, which is much shorter than the red wavelengths used in DVDs.

Blu-ray discs require a Blu-ray player and high definition television set. They cannot be played on DVD players.

However, DVDs (and CDs) can be played on Blu-ray players, protecting your investment in DVDs which will be upscaled to enhance picture quality. They will also play Blu-ray Audio discs, which offer much higher sound quality than CDs, and many also play SA-CD discs.

Most Blu-ray players also provide apps for on-line services such as BBC iplayer, ITV Hub, STV player, Netflix, and other catch-up and streaming services.

Blu-ray and DVD Region Codes

Panamint Cinema's Blu-ray discs are either Region B, or Region Free. Our Region Free Blu-rays will play in any country. Panamint Cinema's DVD discs are PAL (international format) and either Region 2 or Region 0. Region 0 PAL DVDs may not play in countries which use the NTSC television system, unless a multi-standard DVD player and television are used.


Region 0: Informal term meaning "playable in all regions".

Region 1: Bermuda, Canada, United States and U.S. territories

Region 2: The Middle East, Western Europe, Central Europe, Egypt, French overseas territories, Greenland, Japan, Lesotho, South Africa and Swaziland (Eswatini)

Region 3: Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, Macau, South Korea and Taiwan

Region 4: Australasia, Central America, the Caribbean, Mexico, Oceania, South America

Region 5: The rest of Africa, Former Soviet Union, the Indian subcontinent, Mongolia, North Korea

Region 6: Mainland China

Region 8: International venues such as aircraft, cruise ships, etc.


Region Free: Informal term meaning "playable in all regions". Region Free discs will play on all Blu-ray players in any country.

Region A: East Asia (except Mainland China and Mongolia), Southeast Asia, North America, South America and their dependencies.

Region B: Africa, Southwest Asia, Europe (except Russia and Kazakhstan), Oceania  (including Australia and New Zealand) and their dependencies.

Region C: Central Asia, East Asia (Mainland China and Mongolia only), South Asia, Russia, central Eurasia and their dependencies.