One Continuous Take DVD
One Continuous Take DVD

One Continuous Take DVD

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DVD Region 0 PAL. Kay Mander kept training and social issues to the fore in the 1940s with her innovative documentaries. This collection includes Dr. Adele Carroll's 2001 film One Continuous Take featuring Kay Mander, then living in Kirkcudbrightshire, recalling her life and work, with clips from many of her films. Most of Kay's films are also included, all complete, in this 2-disc retrospective.

Disc 1: Kay Mander at War
One Continuous Take (2001). A biography of Kay Mander, her life and work. Produced and directed by Dr. Adele Carroll. Transfer of Skill (1940). Craftsman can be retrained for wartime work. For example, jewellers produce gauges used to measure tank parts. How to File (1941). A training film by Shell for metalwork apprentices. Mobilising Procedure (1942). Procedures for the National Fire Service to direct the deployment of all Britain's fire-fighting equipment. Model Procedure for Water-Relaying (1943). Demonstration of setting up relays of fire hoses to feed emergency water supplies. Debris Tunnelling (1943). How a rescue party could drive a horizontal tunnel into a collapsed building.

Disc 2: Kay Mander on Social Issues
Highland Doctor (1943). About the life of a doctor in the Outer Hebrides and the facilities of the Highlands and Islands Medical Service. Includes an account of the sitting of the Dewar Committee of 1912. New Builders (1944). New secondary schools are being set up to train youngsters in building work for post-war reconstruction. Penicillin (1944). The search for a cure for gas gangrene, which killed so many in the First World War, resulting in the discovery of Penicillin. Homes for the People (1945). Made by the Daily Herald to expose poor housing conditions throughout Britain. A Plan to Work on (1948). The growth of Dunfermline is explored, and the architect describes schemes for changes in the future.

Complete with a 28-page illustrated booklet with viewing notes by film historians Sarah Easen and Dr Toby Haggith.

FORMAT: PAL DVD All Regions - aspect ratio 1.33:1 - b/w and colour