London Pride: The Blitz and its Aftermath

London Pride: A collection of rarely-seen films showing the effect of the Luftwaffe's Blitz on London and its people, and the plans for the post-war regeneration of the City and its public services.

London Can Take It (1940). GPO Film Unit. Directors Harry Watt & Humphrey Jennings. This film about Londoners under seige during the blitz, seen in the very rare American version, was narrated by American journalist Quentin Reynolds. It was instrumental in persuading the USA to support Britain during The Second World War. A slightly edited version Britain Can Take It, which was made for the home audience, is available on one of our GPO Classics Series DVDs: Britain at War: Under Fire.

The Proud City (1945). London County Council's plans for re-developing the city, with locally accessible facilities described by renowned architect Sir Leslie Patrick Abercrombie.

London Airport (1949). The construction of Heathrow Airport to improve connectivity and world-wide trade.

Moving Millions (1947). The post war changes in London Transport, particularly improvements to the London Underground.

Journey by a London Bus (1950). Two African students sample the pleasures of travelling on London's buses, "which are always punctual".

London Pride:  DVD edition