Britain at War: Under Fire DVD
Britain at War: Under Fire DVD

Britain at War: Under Fire DVD

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DVD Region 0 PAL. Another collection of films from the first few years of the Second World War.

Britain Can Take It (1940) directed by Humphrey Jennings and Harry Watt. Presented by US journalist Quentin Reynolds. Used by President Roosevelt to help swing US opinion behind Britain.

Britain At Bay (1940) commentary by J.B. Priestley. Czechoslovakia, Poland, Norway, Holland and Belgium have fallen ...

Story of an Air Communique (1940) with men of the Royal Air Force. Processing the figures for destoyed enemy aircraft.

Christmas Under Fire (1941) directed by Harry Watt. A Quentin Reynolds despatch from London to America showing Christmas in the Blitz.

Men of the Lightship (1940) directed by David MacDonald. The Luftwaffe bombing of the East Dudgeon Lightship.

FORMAT: PAL DVD All Regions - aspect ratio 1.33:1 - b/w

TOTAL RUNNING TIME: 57 mins, b/w.