The St Kilda Story DVD
The St Kilda Story DVD

The St Kilda Story DVD

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The St Kilda Story

The filmed history of  St Kilda from 1906 to 1980. In black and white Oliver Pike’s pioneering film of 1908 depicting birdlife and fowling; 1920’s footage by Robello and Mann on tourism and village life; the final stages before the 1930 evacuation filmed by John Ritchie.

In colour sequences from the 1957 film taken as a record when the National Trust for Scotland assumed ownership, with “Operation Hardrock” when the army moved in; restoration of the village by NTS working parties; the Royal Family’s visit in 1971; the return in 1980 of a few native St Kildans 50 years after they left.

Commentary by Magnus Magnusson.

Wildlife of St Kilda

Filmed over 25 years from 1957, the competitive world of over a million seabirds - gannets, fulmars, puffins, kittewakes, gulls, and by night Manx Shearwaters and the rare Leach’s Petrel. Oystercatchers repel the ravens, Great Skuas attack human visitors and fulmars and the unique St Kilda wrens defend their territories. Other island races are the fieldmouse and the famous brown Soay sheep. The sea provides the food (150 tons a day in summer for seabirds), the cliffs and Atlantic pastures a colourful home and a rare haven of peace.

Commentary by Christopher Mylne.

Total running time: 60 mins.