Women and Children at War

A wonderful collection of war-time documentary shorts depicting the lives of women and children. Evacuees, land girls, factory workers bulding a bomber during their weekend, doughty countrywomen confronting Nazi paratroopers, and of course the Women's Institute are all here. Don't miss this one!

The programme comprises:

Land Girl (1942). A new recruit to the Women's Land Army arrives at a remote farm to an initially sceptical reception by the elderly farmer. Paul Rotha Productions, Directed by John Page.
Miss Grant Goes To The Door (1940). Two elderly spinsters have a rude interruption when Nazi paratroopers land in what was thought to be the feared invasion. Directed by Brian Desmond Hurst.
Our School (1941). A rural school in Bampton, Devon, plays host to evacuated children from London. Paul Rotha Productions. Directed by Donald Alexander.
Bampton Shows the Way (1941). Bampton Village organises a Food Education Week. Paul Rotha Produtions. Directed by Bladon Peake.
Westward Ho! (1940). Children are prepared for evacuation in the early days of the war. Script by Thorold Dickinson.
Living With Strangers (1941). The problems of evacuation and the solutions found. Realist, directed by Frank Sainsbury.
The Countrywomen (1942). The Women's Institute swing into action in aid of the war effort. Seven Leagues/Paul Rotha Productions. Directed by John Page.
Worker's Week-end (1943). Workers set themselves a target of 30 hours in which to construct a bomber from start to finish. Crown Film Unit.