Rikki Fulton Film and Radio Discoveries

Soon after publishing Laxdale Hall on DVD, which was Rikki Fulton's first film appearance, I purchased a collection of 16 mm films and audio tapes made privately by Rikki himself.

Amongst a set of holiday movies, filmed by Rikki, were two 1920s style silent films.

Emma's Dilemma is about a young lady living with her father, trying to escape from her lecherous landlord. All parts played by Rikki himself. Butterfingers is a short about a ne'er do weel Glasgow layabout, and features cameo appearances by Kenneth McKeller and actress Renee Houston. Both are included on our DVD Roamin' in the Gloamin' which begins with Sir Harry Lauder's only stage performance from 1931. Emma's Dilemma is also available on our recent re-release of Laxdale Hall.

Also in the collection were audio tapes of a Francie and Josie concert in Rothesay and a play, Charlie is my Darling, thought made for radio, but never broadcast. As election day approaches for the first Strathleven Regional Council elections, Provost Charlie Johnston (Rikki Fulton), receives a surprise visitor. Dr Marigold Smellie ("Smelly not Smiley - no euphemisms eh?") from Strathleven University History Department has many questions about Provost Johnston's lineage. After assessing his replies she confirms that Provost Johnston is descended from Bonnie Prince Charlie as heir to the Scottish Throne and is King Charles VII! But can a King stand for the council? It's a constitutional stramash! The discovery of this play was featured in BBC's Reporting Scotland. The interview with Russell Cowe is on the Charlie is my Darling web page.

These are now available from Panamint Cinema.