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A Romance of Engineering DVD


A Romance of Engineering DVD

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A Romance of Engineering DVDA Romance of Engineering DVDA Romance of Engineering DVDA Romance of Engineering DVD

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DVD Region 0 PAL. Four industrial films directed by Stanley L Russell.

Men of Iron (c 1947, b/w). An overview of iron propellor manufacture at the Blair Foundry of Andrew Strang & Co, Hurlford in Ayrshire.

A Romance of Engineering (1938, b/w). Made for screening at the 1938 Empire Exhibition, this film shows the production of steel components at William Beardmore & Co's Parkhead Forge. Featuring many scenes of old Glasgow, including Buchanan Street and St Enoch stations.

James Watt (1959, b/w). A film about the life and work of the inventor of steam engines, James Watt. It explains the history of the early principles of steam using diagrams and working models. A model of "Old Bess", Watt's first steam engine, a model of the steam ship "Comet", and a beam engine for ships are shown. Also featured are traction engine models, early locomotives, and paddle steamers.

Story of a Steel Wire Rope (1946, b/w). An illustration of the manufacture of Martin Black & Company's wire ropes, highlighting all the various processes involved in production and testing. The film also shows the stranding machine and testing of the finished rope for strength at breaking point.

FORMAT: PAL DVD All Regions - aspect ratio 1.33:1 - b/w