A Different World & Messenger from Poland DVD
A Different World & Messenger from Poland DVD

A Different World & Messenger from Poland DVD

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DVD Region 0 NTSC. Plays in all countries. This DVD is a timeless chronicle commemorating the lives and fate of Poland's Jews in the years before the Holocaust.

An appraisal by Michael Berenbaum, Professor of Jewish Studies at the American Jewish University, author of "The World Must Know" and "After Tragedy and Triumph":

A Different World (1986) offers a nuanced and subtle look into interwar Poland and the relationship between Jews and Poles during this turbulent yet promising time, a time of hope and transformation, a time that in retrospect, but perhaps only in retrospect, set the stage for the destruction that was to follow. I know of no other film that is as balanced, as comprehensive, as moving and as poignant. It is morally compelling that it be brought forth to 21st century audiences.

Messenger from Poland (1986). Jan Karski witnessed the Holocaust first hand. He sought to alert the West to the slaughter while it was happening and while they could make a difference. "Messenger from Poland" tells his story in his own words; his words are urgent testimony, urgent still after the passage of 70 years. We, who were not eyewitnesses to the events, must become witnesses to the witnesses; their story must become our own; their mission must continue to stir our conscience. See this film and be prepared to be haunted and transformed, to ask "what if?" and to wonder "why not?" "It makes one proud to be human and yet so very deeply ashamed."

FORMAT: NTSC, All Regions. Aspect ratio: 1.33:1
SUBTITLES: In Polish and German.
SPECIAL FEATURES: 16 page illustrated booklet.
TOTAL RUNNING TIME: 92 mins, colour.