The Parson of Panamint Radio Programme


The Parson of Panamint Radio Programme

Panamint Cinema

Directed by William C. McGann, starring Charlie Ruggles, Ellen Drew and Phillip Terry.

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Have you ever wondered where Panamint Cinema got its name from? Panamint is a town near Death Valley, California, where many Westerns were made in the 1930s and 1940s. The Parson of Panamint was a 1941 Paramount film starring Charlie Ruggles. This free download is a radio version presented by the Lady Esther Screen Guild Theater.

As he looks over the dusty, deserted remains of the western “boom town” of Panamint, grizzled old prospector Chuckawalla Bill Redfield (Ruggles) recalls the town’s glory days. Looming large in Chuckawalla’s reminiscences is the day that young and apparently mild-mannered minister Philip Pharo (Phillip Terry) rode into town. In his own gentle but forceful fashion, Pharo managed to bring the town’s lawless element into line, mollify the local bluenoses, and win the heart of likeable dance-hall girl Mary Mallory (Ellen Drew).

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