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Inferno (1953) 3D - Region B

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Inferno (1953) 3D - Region B

Blu-ray Region B. 2D and 3D. Single disc with both 3D and 2D.

Exclusively from Panamint Cinema.

Produced from Dan Symmes' restored masters.

Tough business tycoon Donald Whitley Carson III (Robert Ryan) tests his own mettle when left to die in the Mojave Desert following a riding accident, which broke his leg. When he realises that his scheming wife Geraldine (Rhonda Fleming) and her lover Joseph Duncan (William Lundigan), his business partner, have left him to perish, he is determined to best them and survive to wreak his revenge.

Rhonda Fleming, "one of Hollywood’s coolest, prettiest villainesses” (New York Times), relaxing by a motel pool with a cocktail, contrasts starkly with her husband’s torment in the harsh desert as Ryan’s dramatic voiceover of his thoughts assesses his options and the resources he has to escape.

Originally filmed in 3D, with breathtaking photography by Lucien Ballard ("Berlin Express”, "True Grit”), Hollywood Noir has never looked better in this stunning Technicolor restoration by Dan Symmes, receiving its first home video release in the UK.

Special features: 3D Promotional trailer with Rhonda Fleming; Theatrical trailer; Pat Boone interview with Rhonda Fleming, courtesy Trinity Broadcasting Network; Illustrated booklet.